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  • Mark Fermor

Happsa Group invests in systems improvement

Happsa Group, one of Australia’s fastest growing cleaning companies, has kicked off 2020 with a systems project that aligns with its business vision of continuous improvement.

Happsa has made its mark on the industry by offering clients a holistic service portfolio across cleaning, maintenance and security. Organic growth from a single contract in Melbourne to a multifaceted organisation that services clients across Australia, has driven the need for systems improvement.

“As the business grew, we realised it needed a solid IT foundation. We want to ensure our systems support our business growth and levels of customer service” says Harry Georgiou, Group MD of Operations at Happsa Group.

The management team reviewed a number of small, separated systems that provide solutions in the cleaning space. One of the draw-backs of this approach was that the business would rely on a number of systems that don’t talk to each-other. “There would be no one-version of the truth” said Angelo Tsonis, Group MD of Corporate Services.

Happsa decided to implement Templa CMS with Facility ERP. Angelo continues “Our senior management team, many of them who have worked with Templa CMS before wanted a single solution to answer our questions, rather than spending time on gathering information from multiple sources. We realised that a single source of truth would also deliver customers with information that is reliable and timely”

Happsa will implement Templa CMS across Accounts, Payroll and Operations. Payroll will be streamlined with time and attendance to create client visibility of staff activities on-site.

“We are delighted to work with Happsa. I’ve been tracking their progress as a cleaning business over the last few years and can see a great future ahead for the team. Their dedication to excellence and customer service is evident in all they do and I’m looking forward to seeing it supported by our solution” says Mark Fermor from Facility ERP.


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