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  • Mark Fermor

Welcome CleanJack

Facility ERP has partnered with CleanJack, a Dutch based Time & Attendance solution to further expand it's product offering to Cleaning and Facilities Management Companies.

CleanJack works on a unique basis whereby a Cleaner or Site based device is purchased. Most cheap and cheerful T&A solutions today rely on cleaners phones to function properly. This introduces a number of operational issues which interfere with the process. "I have no data", or "my phone is not working" are just some of the common problems experienced by cleaners..CleanJack eliminates these problems.

Facility ERP Director Mark Fermor believes CleanJack will be a premium solution for clients that take Time and Attendance seriously. "Downloading a T&A app is so easy these days...but comes with so many operational challenges. No matter how good the app is, it always relies on a Cleaners phone and data to function properly. CleanJack has proven that a device fit for purpose is much more reliable, so we see this product benefiting our customers who require 99.9% accurate information"


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