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  • Mark Fermor

So your business is making a profit?

Matthew Collings of Collings Property Services, who is one of our clients in Tasmania and a fantastic chap told me a story about one of their clients not so long ago. I asked if I could quite his comments on the front-page of our website, and I thought I would use it as an example of what our solutions are all about.

Many companies who we meet that use systems like MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero are always pretty confident that they are making a profit, and as the bottom line says so they are obviously right. What none of them can quickly comment on is which sites/contract are making the most and why...And which ones are loosing them money and why.

The purpose of our solutions is to give your business exactly this capability. Find the best sites and make sure they are happy...Find the worst sites and turn them around.

With margins of between 3-10% it's critical to find the sub-zero sites and turn them around!


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