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Advanced Reporting & BI

If you have all your information in one place, reporting becomes easy.. Templa CMS provides full and detailed reporting that cleaning and fm companies need.Facility ERP turns information into Business Intelligence through Microsoft PowerBI. Get simple numbers that drive big decisions.

Profit & Loss

With all financial transactions in Templa CMS, it's easy to generate P&L reports for any business level...State, Area Manager, Zone, Site, Client and more. Cost journals via "Site Only" transactions allows the spreading of overheads down to site level. In fact, on each Client or Site the "P&L" button shows you their detailed or summary report with one click.

Automated Accruals

Knowing the cleaning and fm industry has it's advantages!
Templa CMS automates accrual processes that accurately spreads costs throughout financial periods so they make sense. Revenue and Costs that stagger financial periods are allocated correctly on a daily basis. When you run the P&L report it indicates a true spread of costs.

Timesheet analysis

All timesheet information is available through a powerful analysis tool. Run detailed analysis on over/under hours by any business level. Keep a close eye on any overtime hours paid by Area Managers, States and Sites. Compare actual VS budget in real-time.

Consolidated reporting

Invoice from one company but paying out of another? Templa CMS consolidates information on sites so no matter what "Accounting Entity" generates the entry, you can still see a accurate P&L.

Advanced "Standards" & GST, balance sheet, tb

Aged Debtors - but by SITE...Aged Creditors - by SITE. Revenue report, Stock usage report and more. All standard business reports exist within the Accounting module. Quarterly GST reports, standard Balance Sheet and Trial Balance.

Industry specific & automation

Contracts Gained, Contracts Lost, Leave Analysis, Timesheet Budget Variances, Staff Turnover, QA performance by site, QA Analysis and more. Automatically get report sent out such as: Visa expiry dates, Outstanding QA's, WWC checks and more..

Smart Phone Use

Information into Intelligence

Facility ERP takes information and turns it into decision making tools. Small answers for big questions!
By understanding your business driver's we build the answers into Microsoft PowerBI. View online or on your mobile device.



Answers are visible on your mobile device via PowerBI Mobile. Top 10 profitable sites, last 10. Best performing Area Manager with QA's. Infact any answer can be created by our consulting team.

Mobile Applications designed for the Cleaning and FM Industry in Australia and New Zealand


Slice data to bits with PowerBI online. Information is collected and interpreted by Facility ERP and sent online to PowerBI.

Quality Audit form in Cleaning and FM Companies

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