Quality Audit Software for Cleaning and FM Companies

Quality Assurance

Easy to setup and managed centrally. Unlike other solutions your business retains the information and can generate powerful QA analysis reporting.

Templa CMS Quality Audits is the most power real-time audit tool on the market.

Create your own forms

Create any type of form yourself without the need for programmers. Simple or complex, the forms designed works much like any wordprocesser. Areas, Sub-Areas and Items can mimic the exact site walkthrough. Once created they are available to complete on the Tempa Mobile.

Scorecards, faults and criteria

Each item on a form can have it's own scorecard. For example, some items have Yes/No and others have a score out of 10. Scorecards are fully customisable. User created fault codes can be used to report on common issues over a range of sites. Criteria can be setup for each form..KPI at 75% not 80%, that's fine. Simply adjust it on each form.

corrective actions from qa's

Failed forms can create corrective action QA's. Daily failure reports sends reports to stakeholder of all items that need to be rectified. Service Requests can be triggered for failed items, reports or sections.

detailed reporting

You own the data so can use it to generate powerful information, not just fancy PDF's. Templa CMS QA analysis allows you to report on all completed QA's over time. Trends, graphs, statistic over all business levels such as Area Manager, State etc.

  • Automate the entire QA process

  • Reduce paperwork and manual report collation

  • Visibly improve customer service

  • Clients will "see" quality checking in action

  • Beat the competition


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