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Area Manager Productivity

Knowing how CSM's spend their time is critical in understanding how contracts are really performing. Trap over/under management of portfolio's before you loose money on contracts!


Track account manager visits

Area Managers indicate the reason for their visit. Quality Audits, Complaint Management, Toolbox Meeting and any number of custom business activities can be used to track time.

Check in and out

Managers clock in and out of their respective sites with GPS tracked mobile devices.


Track visits by reason, by manager over any given timeframe. Performance manage time by activity, such as Quality Audits. Get a clear understanding of how many more sites a Manager can be assigned. Allocate time and costs against sites for true profit reporting.

Overhead allocation

Knowing how much time overhead staff spend on sites means you can allocate costs accurately. Over management can turn contracts into loss making.

  • Track performance by Area Manager

  • Track Over/Under management Time

  • Allocate management time and costs to site for true P&L reporting

  • Understand resource allocation better

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