Payroll Software For Contract Cleaning and FM Companies

Contract, Ad-hoc and Stock Invoicing

Recurring, one off jobs and stock invoices are generated as requested by your clients. Formatted like they want it and automated so you don't forget!


Contracted Invoicing

Setup repeating invoices for each contract. Manage your clients expectation with consolidation, where multiple lines appear on one invoice. Separate invoices out by type, for example cleaning and periodicals. Invoice batches are generated and automatically produce your invoices. Simply click and email!

Ad-Hoc Work Invoices

The quickest way to loose money in any cleaning business is not to invoice clients for additional work. Setup ad-hoc work invoicing on each contract to automate the process. Workbills (Jobs) are completed and the system automatically generates invoices based on each contracts requirements.

Recharge Consumables

A massive time saver..Automate invoicing for recharge consumables. Setup your clients requirements per contract and the moment stock is delivered to site that needs to be recharged, an invoice is generate for review and approval.

Automated CPI Increase

Program contract review dates and receive alerts when increases are due. Quickly manage the price change with a wizard that takes minutes, not days!

Income Accruals

Income can be accrued to the correct period to match costs. Need to run your site P&L but not all invoicing has been done? Automated batches generate accruals to include income not yet realised.

Correct Allocation of Income

Detailed allocation of income by site and revenue stream means your P&L remain accurate. Don't create dummy invoices to cater for contract requirements. Let the system generate any format you require.

  • Speed up invoicing

  • Invoices are correct the first time

  • Improve cashflow

  • Don't forget to invoice

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