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Software is only part of the solution. Consultants with a plan and experience in your industry is the other.

Firstly, we don't sell, we consult. We believe in continuity so the person showing you software at the first meeting will be there when the system goes live.

Secondly, we understand the industry like no-one else. Our experience helps your business through the painful implementation process so real benefits are gained.


how do you know it's right for your business?


1 - discovery and review

Initially you will realise your business needs to improve it's systems, but you may not be sure where to start. We provide demonstrations so you can see the suite of available solutions and decide where the priority lies.

2 - Indication of cost

It's important to know what a solution may cost so we are upfront about it. We take your list of priorities and work out a realistic cost estimate. This gives all parties a clear idea about the benefit vs. cost.

3 - detailed workshops

If the business has the budget and continuing desire to improve it's systems, then we will engage in a full solution review. This will include on-site workshops with scenario's using samples of your own data. When we walk away from the detailed workshops you will have a clear understanding if our solutions will work in your business.

4 - Proposal and plan

We will deliver a final proposal and summary plan of your implementation. This proposal includes the scope of the solution, full transparency on costs and a timeframe for the implementation.

how will the implementation work?


1 - Business Process Review

We will already know a lot about your business but will need to know some more. An on-site consultation session uncovers all the detail we need to setup and install the solution. A final project plan is now drawn up that considers all the elements.

2 - IT & Software

We take care of the IT setup of our systems and will engage your existing service provider for assistance. The software is installed and tested to ensure it operates as required.

3 - Data preparation

Gathering data from your existing systems (or paper) will take some time. We provide simple import templates for most records and train you on how to populate them. Initially we get samples to prepare a test system for training. Your process of collection may continue as more data is required.

4 - On-Site Training

A custom training plan is drawn up for each implementation, as they all are different. We train on your system, on your site with your own data. Learning does not stop there...You have to continue the familiarity process in your own time so training sessions are not forgotten!

5 - Reconciliation

Payroll & Invoicing are critical parts of your business. A number of data reconciliations need to be completed before we can agree that your new solution is inline with the old.

6 - Go-Live

Go-Live sounds scary but really is not. All the hard work has been done and what's left is to put it in motion. Leave balances with YTD figures, Aged Debtors/Creditors and TB are simply imported and reconciled.