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Online Consumables

Supplying rechargeable consumables to clients can increase profitability, but not if it takes up even more administration time. Clients normally phone or email in orders which then need to be re-keyed into Templa CMS.

FacilityOnline offers clients an online portal where they can place orders directly for the consumables they need.


Recharge stock online

A dedicated online portal that allows your clients to login and submit orders electronically. The right stock is shown "by site" so they do not order the incorrect goods.

Reduced admninistration

All orders are sent directly to Templa CMS so no rekeying is required, saving a lot of admin time. Orders from Templa CMS are sent directly to selected suppliers via EDI. The entire process is paperless.

Automatic invoicing

Once orders are delivered, invoices are generated in Templa CMS based on the clients requirements.

Sell more consumables

Many cleaning companies have realised the additional profit sales of consumables can bring. In today's low-profit contract environment any additional revenue is welcome.

  • Sell more consumables to your clients

  • Reduce adiminstration when orders are processed

  • Sell the right goods to the right sites

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