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The Templa CMS Contracts module is where you setup, amend and terminate your cleaning contracts. Contracts are assigned to clients, sites, calendars and is tracked with full version control.

Contract Tasks

Track Contracts down to Task level. Assign all activities to specific tasks which allows detailed reporting, management and scheduling. Each financial transaction on sites are also tracked at their Task level giving you surgical like reporting analysis.


Unique Contract Calendars allow the scheduling of work at specific times. Manage Public Holiday Paid/Unpaid on timesheets in advance to ensure wages are accurate. Apply non-working periods such as school term-breaks. Each site has a unique calendar which means you can split private schools from public ones, or working sites from non-working sites.

document management

Centralise all contract documents in one place. Attach all relevant emails, pdf, word docs or any other filetype to the central record. Security allows the restriction of access to documents by user roles. Give clients or staff access via the Customer Portal to download contract specific documents such as scope of works.


Create any number of Contract Properties to add important information. CPI increase dates, CPI increase rates, fixed invoice rates for services and many more...Properties allow the capture of all the information currently held in people's heads, emails, spreadsheets and on paper. Secure properties by user roles to restrict access.

  • Reduce the administration burden associated with contract management

  • More contracts don't mean more staff and more paper

  • Increase profit per contract

  • Eliminate loss making contracts

  • Create a platform for business growth