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Client Portal

Provide your clients (those that really want it) access to a fully integrated online portal where they can view actual information, and interact with your business.


Accounting information

As a fully integrated part of the solution clients can view a status of their account in real-time. Aged Debtors can be viewed for all outstanding invoices. Invoices can be downloaded (if generated in Templa CMS) at any time.

Contract and site information

Online Binders (folders) brings togther all the information that is relevant to their Sites. Include specifications, contracts, SDS's etc all for download when ever they require.


Give your clients access to the important information about the employees who access their sites. Police checks, Work with Children, training records and certifications such as site induction training. They have access to all this information online.

Quality audits

All completed QA's can be downloaded via the customer portal. A graphical representation of the performance is plotted automatically.

Periodical schedules and one-off jobs

The schedule of periodicals by site can be viewed online so clients are aware when works should take place. A full history of completed Workbills can also be accessed and downloaded.

Consumables & SDS

As all items allowed on-site is stores in a Template, clients can view the list at any time and download their latest SDS's.

  • Increased customer service and contract win-ability

  • Reduce admin on staff running around gathering information for clients

  • Streamline communication

  • Provide features that only larger cleaning companies can deliver

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