A single mobile app for Contract Cleaning Companies that does it all

Empower field staff with a rich set of features in one solution. Multiple, non-integrated apps waste time and cause duplication.

Mobile Phone User

Templa CMS Mobile Contracts

Critical contract information (including Contacts) are available on the Templa CMS Mobile application. Area Managers can refer to periodicals, budgets, stock, audits and much more from Android or iOS devices.

Ux mobile app

Mobile Quality Audits

Help raise safety and quality standards on sites. Collect data from the field with flexible audits, send client reports, trap failed items with corrective action service requests.

Packages on Shelves

Stock Order Requests

Eliminate the emails and pieces of paper flying into the office ordering stock. Contract specific templates allow staff to request materials and consumables from their mobile device.

Vacuum Setup

Equipment Audits

Manage your equipment items on each site with mobile Equipment Audits. Know where your items are and have test and tag information to hand all the time.

Mopping the Floor

Staff Training

Streamline the capturing of staff training and compliance information. Generate site specific 'Training Forms' to ensure compliance of all staff. Be on top of skill expiries.

Customer Service

Service Requests

Improve customer service by raising or update clients requests (or tickets) directly from your mobile device. Workflow enforces compliance through escalation and alerts.

Document with Pen

Advanced Data Forms

Still using paper for your Contract adjustments?Construct any form your business requires and map out it's process via workflow. Staff warnings, near misses, staff leave requests.

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