Consumables, Materials and Recharge Stock

We understand that managing stock in cleaning and FM companies is complex. However, if you setup "templates" for each site which categorises stock, it becomes easy..


Site specific stock lists

Easily create stock templates for each site. This categorises "Materials", "Consumables" and "Recharge" items so the system knows how to deal with the finance. It also means anyone can simply create an order and the right stock for the site appears on it!

Track budgets in real-time

When an order for materials is created the system checks the site budget BEFORE it is sent to suppliers. If it exceeds the budget workflow sends the order for approval.

EDI Integration

Approved orders are sent electronically to selected suppliers such as Central Cleaning and Agar. Once goods are dispatched EDI invoices are received...No paperwork or manual entry

Automatic Invoicing

When recharge stock is sent to a site the system generates an invoice for distribution.

Warehouse Control

Stock can be transferred from internal warehouses. Stock balances are tracked at any number of locations and costed once delivered to the final site

Mobile Stock Orders

Staff can raise stock order requests via the Templa CMS App. Orders are trapped in workflow and if required, sent to management for approval. Orders that do not break any rules are simply sent to suppliers.

  • Increase profit from consumable sales

  • Reduce administration when managing stock

  • Order the right stock

  • Do not overspent on budgets

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