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The Templa CMS Budgets module gives you the ability to measure, so you can manage.
It replaces the need to keep endless spreadsheets that go out of date the minute a new contract is added.


Payroll Budget

Managing wage budgets is critical! Don't just focus on the hours by site but consider the actual pay value BEFORE you process timesheets. Award Interpreted Budgets gives your business full control over payroll before you pay staff. Trap overtime before it happens.

Material & Consumable

Set Material Budgets by site. Any Stock Order that is raised compares the actual spend against the available budget BEFORE it is sent to your suppliers. Workflow traps if this budget is exceeded.

All Budgets

Creating budgets by site is easy. Any expense can be budgeted for down to site and task level. Budgets are rolled up to any business level (State, Region, Manager) in reporting to compare variances.

Actual VS Budget

Once budgets are set, reports are available to track variances. What more, be warned BEFORE a transaction is created that you will exceed budget.

  • Pro-Actively manage cost & revenue budgets​

  • Trap "Over" budgets before orders are sent

  • Real-Time reporting compares budgets at any level at any time

  • Save money by not overspending...

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