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Award Interpretation, Timesheets and Payroll

Templa CMS, Integrated with Facility ERP Time & Attendance lets you take control of your Payroll process. Speed up processing. Pay correctly based on the Modern Cleaning Award. Track Budgets before you pay. Work with a system that reflects the realities of the Australian & New Zealand Contract Cleaning and Facility Management Industry.


Site Budgets

Setup budget rosters for each site to ensure you do not overspend. Rosters are set within the Awards engine so your true cost is known before you assign staff. Don't just budget on hours, ensure you track the resulting pay those hours represent.

Web-based Timesheets with T&A

Facility ERP's Time & Attendance captures staff hours onsite via Employee or Site mobile devices. GPS Tracking & Bluetooth site tokens ensure integrity of start & finish times. Area Managers update variations such as Annual & Sick leave. Three levels of approval ensure overs/under's are justified. Once approved, start and finish times are transferred to Templa CMS for Award Interpretation.

Award Interpretation

Templa CMS interprets pay based on your business award rules. The flexible AI engine ensure multiple awards can be managed in one place. AI understands that staff can work on multiple sites in a day, and calculates correctly.

Budget Control

As start and finish times are interpreted, final pay hours and costs can be measured against the site budget rosters. Workflow traps any budgets that are exceeded and sends the timesheet for approval.

Automate On-cost Accruals

If you understand what this means, you have a good grasp of how to manage your true payroll costs. Templa CMS allows Finance Managers to set automated accruals for costs such as Annual Leave, Payroll Tax (by state), Work cover to mention but a few. Each time payroll is processed these costs are added to the site and your balance sheet.

Leave Management

Accurate leave management means your timesheets processors know if they can approve leave or not. Leave planning means staff can raise requests for leave, and these appear on timesheets in advance.

  • Understand your true payroll cost before you assign staff to a site

  • AI ensures you pay correctly

  • Online T&A eliminates the paper trail

  • Any variance to budget is trapped and sent for approval

  • Simply save money on your payroll process

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