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Contract Cleaning Software

Time & Attendance, Timesheets, Payroll with Award Interpretation, Site & Contract Control, Budgets, Periodicals, Stock, Automated Invoicing, One-Offs & Ad-Hoc, Accounts, Quality Audit, Mobile via Tablets/Phones, Service Requests, CRM, HR & Employee, Document Management, Workflow and more..

Facility ERP is trusted by the leading Cleaning & FM Companies in Australia and New Zealand to deliver a complete solution.


Contract cleaning company challenges

The cleaning sector's software demands are varied and unique. Facility ERP understands them and provides solutions that fit.

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Flexible Payment Planning

Too many systems

Different software for contracts, accounts, payroll, compliance, staff training, audits etc. Excel for the rest and that system we tried to write ourselves! Sound familiar?

Timesheet & payroll processing pain

Timesheets are still based on paper or excel. It takes ages to capture the information and compare it to the site budgets. Then we have to re-key it all into our Payroll system..It takes us days!

Contract profit reporting

Trying to run a profit & loss report by site is almost impossible. It takes our finance team hours to generate reports. It's not possible to split profit by Area Managers, States, Clients or any additional level. We know we make money overall, but don't know where we are loosing it!


Mobilise your Field Team

  • Create One-off Jobs from your mobile device

  • Complete Periodicals and one-offs and take photo's as proof

  • Raise Stock Orders remotely for processing centrally

  • Conduct QA Inspections

  • Raise Services Requests such as OH&S, Client Complaints, Quote Requests

  • Capture staff Training Records and signatures

  • Capture staff hours with GPS tracked T&A


Award Interpreted Payroll with T&A


Mobile Application for Area Managers


What Cleaning & FM Companies have to say..


"Since using Templa CMS, we have been able to better examine all aspects of our business, including labour, materials and consumables.  Templa CMS has allowed us to find unprofitable sites including one site running at a substantial loss, which allowed us to turn it around."

Matthew Collings from Collings Property Services in Tasmania

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